May 12, 2013

Werribee Open Range Zoo

Posted in: Things to do
By: Peter Costello

Giraffes for the win

Not too long ago we took a day trip out to… wait for it, can you guess where? Yup, Werribee Open Range Zoo. (Man, you’re like Sherlock Holmes). If you live in or are visiting Melbourne, Australia, you should totally check it out. It’s a bit less than an hour out of town and it’s mental! (In a good way).

It’s mental! (In a good way)

There’s a bit of a standard zoo park that you can walk around, which is cool in itself, but the real kicker is the open range bus tour. Basically, you jump in a bus with Big open windows and go and get all “up close and personal” with the Rhino, Giraffes, Antelope and the like. It’s Rad! And I say that even though most of the action was happening on the other side of the bus to us. “Way to pick the good side Dad. Bah!

It’s rad you should totally check it out. Melbourne zoo is pretty rad too. That just leaves Healesville Sanctuary to visit now and we’ll have done the set. Zoos Victoria do an awesome job and are definitely worth the cost of entry and totally worth the cost of membership. NB: This is not an ad but it IS a great deal.

Anyway, Checkit. Wroarrrr!