April 10, 2013

These books are cool!

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By: Peter Costello

Sesame street library

Another Easter, another trip to the grand parents, This year we had an awesome trip, the boys and their cousins are that little bit older and really starting to enjoy each others company.

No trip to the grand parents would be complete without a trip to the local op shop in the hunt for some dusty old kids books. This year there were a few little golden books but otherwise, pickings were relatively slim, that is except for this little beauty.

Sesame street library 2

I’m now officially on an ebay hunt for more of these.

Sesame street library is awesome! The boys love it, the illustrations are beautiful, it’s funny (I totally “LOL’d”) and there is even some pretty good learning in there. I’m now officially on an ebay hunt for some more of these. I suggest you do the same. Did I mention that I think they’re Rad?