I read somewhere a while back, I’m not sure where but a pretty good guess would be Built by Kids, they’re well into this sort of thing, about taking apart old tech with your kids. When I read it, the boys were probably a little young, so I promptly forgot about it.

Today, as I was about to throw out an old busted drill, like literally had the bin lid open, I remembered that post, stopped, brought the drill back inside, got the boys together, pulled out the screw driver and took it apart. It was awesome, once it was apart we talked through the different parts, the rechargeable battery pack, the trigger that makes it go and the motor that then runs the drill.

Just when I thought we were all done and ready to put all the part into the bin, I remembered that it was a motor. A motor! I used to love motors as a kid. I remember sticking little 9 volt batteries on to small motors from old cars and watching them whizz. This was a BIG Motor!!!

The boys went bananas for it.
Almost as much as dad:)

I went and grabbed a 9 volt battery from one of the fire alarms. (don’t worry, I put it back and tested it when we were finished) and we took turns touching it to the wires on the motor to make it go. The boys went bananas for it. Almost as much as dad:)

The best thing though, it’s opened a door inside my head and now I’m thinking about all the things we could do with the motor, battery and trigger combo. It could be a car that goes or a windmill or a water wheel.

So we kept it and the switch and once we’re done with this whole moving malarkey, we are so going to make something awesome that we can turn on and off with an open / closed circuit switch (I think that’s right).

I’m so inspired by the enjoyment we had taking something apart and looking at how it all worked but as I said before, it’s opened a doorway in my head to a whole new world of things we can make together, that I hadn’t even thought of making with them.

To say I’m excited is a total understatement, I am wrapped!

Do you do this sort of thing with your little ones? Would love to hear about it!
Have fun