September 3, 2013

Shortcuts 101

Posted in: Photoshop Tips
By: Peter Costello


This is a beginner level list of keyboard shortcuts for selecting and moving around your tools rather than actual menu items. This kind of thing is most definitely worth learning as it will speed up your work flow no end. One big point worth mentioning is that if you hold down shift while pressing the letter of your tool, it will cycle through the various modes of that tool.

Tool palette from top top Bottom

  • V: Move tool
  • M: Marquee tool.
  • L:​ Lasso tool
  • W: Wand tool​
  • ​C: Crop tool
  • J: Healing brush​
  • B: Brush Tool​
  • S: Clone Stamp ​
  • Y: History Brush
  • E: Eraser​
  • G: Gradient
  • O: Dodge and Burn​
  • P: Pen​
  • T: Type​ tool
  • A: Direct Selection​
  • U: Shape tool
  • H: Hand tool (Space bar will toggle this tool regardless of what​ tool you have selected. Very handy!)
  • Z: Zoom tool​
  • D: Resets your colours to default Black and White​
  • X: Swaps between foreground and background colours​
  • Q: Quick mask​
  • F: Will swap between the various screen modes.  Window, Full screen with menu and Full screen.​

That’s the list.  Absolute basics for sure but you have to start somewhere.  These will definitely speed up your work.  You’ll probably use a handful of them everyday, others not so much.  But if you use a tool repeatedly, take the time to commit it’s key to memory, you’re worth it!​