So when I last posted here I think we were just in the process of moving to a new life in the country. Well it’s been 8 or 9 months now and were still here.

I used to travel an hour each way to work and back and while I was on the train, that was when I’d write. Now, I ride my bike 10 minutes down the road along the beach to work and back.


I used to get home around 8.00 each night kiss the sleeping kids and have dinner. Now I get home at 4.45 each day. So you might say things have changed just a little bit. I used to work all the time. I would not be present while with the family because my head was trying to solve a problem or more likely stressing about a deadline.

These days I get home. Jump on the trampoline. Play Lego. Have dinner with the family. Bathe the boys, do the dishes and then collapse exhausted. This is not an excuse for why I haven’t been writing but more an insight as to what’s been going on. Who am I kidding, it’s totally an excuse for why I haven’t been writing.


That said…
We still love card board. We still make things but we do do a lot more outdoors stuff and we have really dialed up the Lego. (If you haven’t already, go see the movie, it’s rad!) I just haven’t been photographing and writing about it all.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen here. But it is definitely going to be something. I just haven’t worked out what it is yet.