June 27, 2013

New finger puppets: Grrrrr, Wrarrrr, Bubble, Bleep!

Posted in: Making stuff
By: Peter Costello


A while back we made a bunch of really simple cardboard finger puppets. A couple of weekends ago, looking for something to do over breakfast, we decided to add some new puppets to the family.

The premise was pretty much the same, draw a picture on an old cereal box, cut it out, cut out some holes for fingers and play. We used a hole punch and nail scissors for cutting out the holes (don’t tell mum:). The nail scissors were great for getting the small holes sorted out although are definitely only for grown up handling.


The new additions are a couple of dinosaurs that I’m loving, another robot (surprise), an octopus and a lion. I’m thinking of turning these drawings into temporary tattoos for Etsy or something, we’ve got some tattoo paper and I think they’d be cool. The boys love them, although they’re probably biased, maybe other kids would too:)


Anyway, in the mean time, I’m going to put up another printable later in the week that you can download and stick them on your own cereal boxes.

Have fun.