When The Big Man was two we went to Gymbaroo classes for a term. It was great, we really enjoyed it. One of the great things about it was the emphasis on learning colours. Each week we were given a new colour to learn, we had a book to put them in and we would collect things of that colour for the week and then the following week, move on to a new colour.

I liked the idea so much that I decided to do the same thing again for the little man and am putting together a bunch of printables to cut out each week and stick into his own book. And then I thought “I should upload them here too”(do you put thoughts in quotations?). And so I will!

Each week I’ll upload a new printable, you can print it out, cut out the different pictures that appeal to you and yours and paste them into a little note book together. We made one just for our colours out of an old cereal box and some copy paper.

Spend the week finding additional examples of a given colour. Autumn leaves, scrap paper etc and repeat what each item is.

Red Car, Red Helmet. You get the idea.

I totally recommend focussing on one colour per week as it gives you time to focus on getting one locked down before getting distracted or overwhelmed.

Let’s kick things off here with the colour red. Seems like a good place to start don’t you think? Download the colour red here


By the way… I am NOT a teacher, this is just something that worked really well for us, if you have other ideas and methods about teaching colours, I’d love to hear them. Please comment below.

Have fun:)