Download the colour orange sheet here, the third in our almost, sort of, getting kind of regular series of learning colours sheets. This one as you’ve probably worked out by now is orange.

These colour sheets were awesome when introducing colours to our first-born and we’re trying it out again with our youngest. Except this week our printer is on the fritz which hopefully goes a little way to explaining the slightly awkward image above.

Today we’re going to rock orange and see how we go.

That should actually read “When our printer is fixed, we’re going to rock orange and see how we go”. I’m pretty excited because the little man’s favourite toy (Rocket Man) is orange so hopefully we’re off to a good start there.

On a slightly more serious note, I worry a bit that the sheets are little to “boy focussed”, are there any suggestions for items on the sheets that would appeal to girls? I don’t want to get all “gender stereotypes” or anything, it’s just that I only really have experience with what our lads like. Ideas in the comments would be most welcome:)

Any way, you can download the orange sheet here and there are also a red and a green sheets to download too.

Disclaimer: It’s probably pretty obvious by now that I’m not a teacher, this is just something that worked for us.