July 8, 2013

Inspiration Everywhere: London Bombings 2005

Posted in: Inspiration
By: Peter Costello


This was a note I wrote to myself on July 7, 2005 after having just moved to London. Within our first three months there, we had been witness to a terrorist attack and it still kinda blows my mind.

I was on my way to work as the tube was in the process of being shut down. As memory serves, the guards were closing the gates without really telling anyone what was going on, much to the disgruntlement and confusion of many circle line passengers. People were actually trying to scramble through the gates and into the station so as not to be late to work. When the gates finally closed, we all went to find busses. Then the busses stopped running. Then I decided to work from home. It wasn’t until after I’d spoken to my folks in Australia that I heard there had been a bombing.

We didn’t see the blasts or anything like that, we were simply among the thousands that were having a rubbish time getting to work that day.

The image above is another one from my folder of images “Temp images – do not delete“, where the bulk of the other Inspiration Everywhere posts are from. This one is more personal inspiration but I wanted to share it anyway. These are some of the notes that I took on the day. I wish there was something more poignant or special about the notes I took that day, but they are to me, a reminder that I was there and that it happened.

This post was a bit of a sideways step from what I usually write about here but I thought it was worth posting. It isn’t intended to be a “carpe diem / kiss your kids” kinda post, but do that anyway:) It’s just interesting to me that massive things can happen and people just keep on going. These events havent really changed the way I see the world, but on looking back and thinking about it, I guess I can remember those who were lost, that violence solves nothing and that in spite of everything, the world is an awesome place!!!

Sorry if that came off preachy, it wasn’t meant to.

Have a great day!