Wow, a new post category. Because , yeah that’s amazing right 😀

Well, let me explain. I figure, this site is almost entirely about the creative stuff we do with the kids and that’s totally what it’s meant to be. But creativity is everywhere and there is just so much stuff that inspires me that I want to take the time to share some of the good stuff here once in a while, rather than just post it to Pinstergram and the like.

It’s gonna get random up in here. Believe!

It’ll mostly be things that I’ve seen in my travels either online or OMG in the real world that inspire me and that hopefully can be related back to creative times with the kids. What it’s not going to be is links to cool posts. That’s what Pinterest is for. This is personal yo!

Like the image above. Math, How rad is it! This is an image I found on my computer that I can’t even remember saving but it was in a fold called “temp images don’t delete” so it’s clear that I put it there. But I digress, my point is “wow, check out these pictures maths made”. (I wonder if that’s what I thought originally?) The boys are too little to really get how rad this is but I’m going to show them any way and then we’ll try and draw our own and it will be AWESOME!!!

Anyway, I hope you’ll find something cool here that you dig on and can take your own inspiration from and maybe even keep it in a folder called “temp images don’t delete”. And don’t worry, It’s not going to end up all “tumblr” here, it’s just a once in a while thing.

Have fun