August 27, 2013

CS6 Quick Tip: Changing the dark interface

Posted in: Photoshop Tips
By: Peter Costello

​Don’t get me wrong.  Change is good, change makes us think in new ways and look at problems differently. But for mine, I still prefer the old CS-5 and earlier colouring of the interface.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like the darker look but it irks me when the metaphor breaks. For example when I’m saving a file and a standard OSX dialogue appears.

Anyway, I’m ranting.  If like me you prefer the old ways (Sometimes) you can easily change back to a more familiar time, a time when dialogue boxes matched the rest of the interface, a time when, ahh whatever…

Go to Preferences (⌘K or ctrl-K on ​windows)​

Click on interface in the left hand panel, then, see the grey thumbnails at the top of the page? The lightest one is a pretty good match to the old CS5 and below interface and is more in keeping with the standard OS UI. Click that one and step back in time. That is all.