March 15, 2013


Posted in: Things to do
By: Peter Costello

A little while back we were supposed to go to a second birthday party for one of the boys from mothers group. It ended up pouring rain and sadly, the birthday party was cancelled.

Rather than let that spoil the day though, The good lady wife decided we should all get our rain coats on and go on an adventure. All this meant, was a walk around the block, jumping in puddles and collecting “treasures” along the way. But I gotta say, it was awesome!

The photo above was the result of our travels. It was great fun going through them all and talking about all the different things we found and then arranging them and then finally covering pretty much everything in glitter glue, we didn’t get a photo of this but you can guess the mess:)

I’ve come to the conclusion that rainy days can be pretty rad if you just get amongst it. Good Times!

What do you collect when you go walking?