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November 30, 2014

The best photo I’ve taken in ages

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By: Peter Costello


I don’t use instagram as much as I used to, only very occasionally these days but this was something I posted a few weeks back and I was having a look back through my phone and came across it again and thought I’d share it here.

I love it!  Woot, pat on the back me… But enough high fiving myself, I love that it’s 1. A pretty striking image. 2. Taken with a phone and 3. It’s a cracking shot of the big man about to leap.  Poised, committed, ready to go for it.  Look at how rad he is! I just love it.

That is all.

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I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was doing a post for Ginger snap crafts, which is a totally rad blog that you should go and check out, lots of craft stuff, with a healthy dose of kids stuff too. Anyway, as it’s been nearly a fortnight, I thought I’d post it here in case you didn’t catch it there.

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I read somewhere a while back, I’m not sure where but a pretty good guess would be Built by Kids, they’re well into this sort of thing, about taking apart old tech with your kids. When I read it, the boys were probably a little young, so I promptly forgot about it.

Today, as I was about to throw out an old busted drill, like literally had the bin lid open, I remembered that post, stopped, brought the drill back inside, got the boys together, pulled out the screw driver and took it apart. It was awesome, once it was apart we talked through the different parts, the rechargeable battery pack, the trigger that makes it go and the motor that then runs the drill.

Just when I thought we were all done and ready to put all the part into the bin, I remembered that it was a motor. A motor! I used to love motors as a kid. I remember sticking little 9 volt batteries on to small motors from old cars and watching them whizz. This was a BIG Motor!!!

The boys went bananas for it.
Almost as much as dad:)

I went and grabbed a 9 volt battery from one of the fire alarms. (don’t worry, I put it back and tested it when we were finished) and we took turns touching it to the wires on the motor to make it go. The boys went bananas for it. Almost as much as dad:)

The best thing though, it’s opened a door inside my head and now I’m thinking about all the things we could do with the motor, battery and trigger combo. It could be a car that goes or a windmill or a water wheel.

So we kept it and the switch and once we’re done with this whole moving malarkey, we are so going to make something awesome that we can turn on and off with an open / closed circuit switch (I think that’s right).

I’m so inspired by the enjoyment we had taking something apart and looking at how it all worked but as I said before, it’s opened a doorway in my head to a whole new world of things we can make together, that I hadn’t even thought of making with them.

To say I’m excited is a total understatement, I am wrapped!

Do you do this sort of thing with your little ones? Would love to hear about it!
Have fun

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July 26, 2013

Guest posting at Ginger Snap Crafts Today

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By: Peter Costello


Despite the upheaval of the events of the last couple of weeks, I’m guest posting over at Gingersnap Crafts today. Ginger is Rad, Her blog is rad, you should definitely have a look and while you’re there, you should totally check out our post, you guessed it, we made a robot! Because well, we love robots!

The guy above, next to the tiger, is another robot we love and as soon as we finish up with this whole quit the job, sell the house and change everything phase (a couple more weeks) we’re going to get these bad boys up on etsy. Can’t wait!

Note to self, next time, finish one thing BEFORE changing everything.

Don’t forget to check out the post, hope you like it. Have fun!

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plushies_0000_Dino Conversation

So, I’ve been trying to be fairly consistent with my posting and have even gone as far as mapping stuff out and putting it in the calendar as a “post this, on this day” and keep on track kinda thing. But then a Big week happens and everything falls out of whack.


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June 27, 2013

New finger puppets: Grrrrr, Wrarrrr, Bubble, Bleep!

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By: Peter Costello


A while back we made a bunch of really simple cardboard finger puppets. A couple of weekends ago, looking for something to do over breakfast, we decided to add some new puppets to the family.


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it was a solid five minutes of fun at least

We had a bit of a rainy, sickly, miserable weekend and one of the many things we did to fend off cabin fever was to all get a bit “Super Hero”. Here are the two Iron Men playing happily. This of course lasted all of five minutes before we had a melt down. But hey, it was a solid five minutes at least:)

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June 14, 2013

In Pictures: Busy Town

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By: Peter Costello





We had a pretty rainy, miserable Saturday morning in Melbourne a couple of weeks back and being stuck inside we decided to make a sunny little town that we could go outside in, sort of…


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So a couple of weeks back, I posted about prototyping some kid’s toys. The good lady wife and I are making some plushies that we plan to put on Etsy. I guess they’re sort of half pillow / half soft toy and they’re rad.

They’re based on some of the alphabet letters that I’ve illustrated over the past couple of years and when I say based, I mean we’ve made a couple of adjustments here and there that make them more practical to sew, which as it turns out is really hard work.

Anyway, stay tuned and see how they turn out! Because this is totally happening! So excited!

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Download the colour orange sheet here, the third in our almost, sort of, getting kind of regular series of learning colours sheets. This one as you’ve probably worked out by now is orange.


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