So… What’s all this about then?

This is the personal website of Peter Costello (but you probably guessed that from the URL didn’t you). A husband and father of two awesome little dudes, a massive fan of cardboard and kids crafts, an award winning, digital creative, and a bit of a gun in Photoshop and Illustrator. This site will house all of that and whatever else inspires me. Hopefully it inspires you too. Onward!

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My beautiful wife and I make things. These are some cushions / plushies we created. There’s a few different kinds. They’re awesome, I did the illustrations and Jade has made the finished products because she has mad skillz. They’re printed on really nice material, then they are loving hand crafted with recycled denim backs and stuffed with recycled PET stuffing.

We’re still kind prototyping them to make them as awesome as possible but you can totally buy them and then one day when we blow massive and take over the world you can be all like “Oh, yeah, I knew those guys when they were just starting out“.

Jade makes other rad stuff. You should definitely check out here Etsy Store. Made by Unicorns. She’s AWESOME!